Monday, April 30, 2007!

I was getting ready to turn off my computer for the night (it is again, as usual, way past my bedtime and I am exhausted), but then I thought, I'd take the time to post.

As my posts always seem to start... it's been quite a busy week, or actually in this case multiple weeks. Work has been superbusy and taking up lots of my time, with my family and sleep taking up the rest. It is great to have so much to do, lots of business to be done- it makes the workday fly (almost too fast, really!), but my career is very encompassing from a time perspective between the commute the actual time I am there. Some of it has spilled over to the weekend, which is why I have not been able to really papercraft even on the weekends for the last couple of weeks. I worked at home both days this weekend to make sure that something was done for Monday morning.

This week should be a little more more manageable, and I plan on going over to my my oldest kiddo's school to read his birthday book one afternoon as well. In his class this year, his teacher decided that instead of celebrating with cupcakes or the usual class snack fare, one of the student's parents would be invited in to read a book to the class. I like the idea of coming in to read. I like any chance to get into school and see what he is up to. :)

So while I still have my project from last week sitting on my craft table waiting for me to finish, I did get a chance to make 1 card. I actually made 2 of these for my 2 older guys who both had birthday parties this afternoon. I finally got my new IA stamps. More absolutely adorable boy stamps! And these really are great. There is a whole monster line. I got them all. They just came out in the spring supplement. The karate monster is what caught my attention first, b/c I am always on the look out for fun taekwondo stamps for the kiddos' books. The 2 older boys are very much into tkd, so you can imagine how many testings I still have to scrap.

So even with all the craziness, here is 1 quick easy-peasy card, but I thought it was cute and perfect for the parties the boys had going on today. I had less than 10 minutes to make both of them. But then again, there was no way that I'd be able to go 2 weeks without get some ink on my fingers! ;)

Stamps Used: Inky Antics

Paper/CS used: Old Olive, Pumpkin Pie, the Chatterbox paper that I am still LOVING!

Ink: Just Basic Black

Accessories: just my prisma pencils and gamsol (told you it was quick and very easy!).

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geekgirl415 said...

What a cute boy card!!! Hardly ever see enough of those!!