Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pop of Pink!

Quickkkkk post!!! It's been a busy first few days of the summer work-wise!! Day trip in and out of Cleveland yesterday, and today, I'm off to my littlest's parents celebration at school this morning (Mother's and Father's day combined), and then off on a train down to DC for the rest of the day. I feel like Plane, Trains and Automobiles - literally! :) But I WILL fit it all in - I'm determined like that.

So fitting it all in also includes Dawn's color challenge this week - LOL. Loved the colors. I'm definitely trying to break out of my blue/brown combo that I seem to fall into time and time again!! I finally using more and more of the pink papers I have in my stash. So thank you, Dawn, for this week's color inspiration.

Ok, gotta gggoooooo! See you again soon.


Susan said...

Your card is great - i love this color combo too!

Sue Lelli said...

I LOVE your card! It made me happy to look at it. Anyone would love to receive this card. And kudos for just using the 3 colors and not adding white!