Monday, August 3, 2009

Beach Inspired Birthday...

Whew- how weekends just fly by!! I felt like it was Friday evening... and then I blinked, and now suddenly it's Monday night.

This past weekend, we celebrated my littlest one's 4th birthday. We celebrated a month later due to the hectic baseball schedule that ruled our schedules for most of July. I wanted to pick a date that I was sure we'd have all 5 of us free. Have to give everyone their time and I am a firm believer in celebrating birthdays to the fullest - after all, you just get one a year. And at the age that my boys are, there aren't very days that are more important in a year ;)

But I did make a point of carving out some time last night to get inspired. We had a beautiful pic for this week's TIC. Can you imagine having this scene out your front door? It is certainly different from the view I had in suburban America as well. The closest thing that I've seen like it in person was in Hawaii on my honeymoon. What an amazingly wonderful place to visit. We keep talking about going back, but we laugh as there is a part of us that doesn't want to go back for fear of ruining the image of Utopia that we have built in our memories. It probably will be quite different going back to visit with 3 kids - haha. I'm definitely NOT to the point where I'd be ready to eave the kiddos for an extended period of time. We've only taken one airplane trip without them, but we were still on the continental US.
Anyway, so back to the card... the first thing that jumped out at me was of course the color of the ocean and sky, but also the tropical foliage in the bottom right corner. I'm guess that is palm leaves and some other tropical plant. So those are the main elements that I used to create my card. I used this SU die of the branches and leaves and layered it on two different shades of blue. The color looks like a light blue closer to the shore, which I mimic'd with the bitty dots paper on the PTI EE card stock. And lastly I stamped the sentiment in vintage cream... like sand.
And there you have it. Thanks, Tina, for the challenge and thanks, Claudia, for the inspiration pic :)


Meredith said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your card is beautiful!

I had to laugh at the Utopia honeymoon story. We DID try to go back on our one year anniversary to our honeymoon destination of Marble Falls Texas. We wrecked our travel trailer, I came down with strep throat and we left early, then we had a tire blow out on the way home!

We haven't been back since. LOL!

travelingmama said...

I LOVE this!!! What a great take on the colors! We are really big on celebrating birthdays too. Then again, we like celebrating every holiday. It's just fun to celebrate!

My husband keeps wanting to go back to our nearly private island where we honeymooned in the Bahamas (have you read the stories on my blog?) I just roll my eyes at him. No Utopia bubble to bust there! LOL!

Oh,and you asked about the time difference? We are five hours ahead of EST right now, but sometimes it is four because Morocco doesn't observe daylight savings at the same time as the US.

DottyJo said...

Great use of the colours, and I love the simplicity of the foliage - very classy! Jo x

denise:) said...

wow! that card is a stunner- love how you mimicked the inspiration pic!

clouds shadler said...

Oh like your take in the inspiration challenge! how sweet, love the leaves! I am so glad you found inspiration from my pic! Hopefully you can visit your honeymoon destination some time, hehe. I don't think my and my hubby had one! We want to go to Europe, someday we will.

Clouds :D

Winter said...

Very pretty! I love the leaves!