Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy... with a {Definite} Chance of Sports

Hello, hello on this rainy, {but not too rainy to cancel our sports line-up, but too rainy to have the other boys watch and support their brother who is on the field} Saturday. Ughh - we have had this horrible stretch of luck of beautiful weather during the week and rainy weather on Saturday and Sunday. But luckily we are getting most of the games in today.

Anyways, so since I'm at home, while my hubs is out there with one of the boys, I'll take some time to post something I made a couple of days ago. This was actually the first pink project to kick off this trend I seem to be on of late. I made this birthday gift card holder (including the handmade flower embellie) for one of Alex's friends. So about gift cards... I must admit I am a fan of them. Yes, I know that on one hand, they may seem impersonal, but it truly is the most practical way to ensure your celebrant gets what they want. And at the end of the day, let's face it... the receiver knows best what they want. :) And while I'm thinking about it, I can't imagine what I would do without registries (especially for showers) - I think they are the best thing to come along in gift giving. LOL. Do you know that the local toy store has started a registry program too - LOVE it! It's always a bonus when you can go it a store, know exactly what the child wants and can leave with a wrapped gift that only needs a card - wahoo. It can't get better than that... The owners are geniuses. Nothing like the value of convenience - which is worth a ton to me when you have birthday parties to go to almost every weekend.

So back to the g/c holder - I used one of Lauren's Timeless Templates to make this card holder. It was such a snap. I'd been planning on getting a template - I have loved each of the ones that come out every month, but just hadn't gotten around to it. But that was until the Cash and Charge Collection came out this month. I feel like she'd designed it just for me - seriously! And I love how this template actually came with 3 - what a deal. I can't imagine how much time she pours into making these templates for people like, but I absolute appreciate it very much so :)

I know these templates will get much use in my house...

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naomi chokr said...

my little friend sierra loved this card!!!!!! i just had to swing by and tell you. Look at you... you made your own flower embellishments too. So cute!!!!

I cant do templates....i think that its just too much for me. ahahah!!!