Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hello?? Did I actually do this right on the first try? :)

So here we go... I am finally dipping a little toe in the proverbial pool called blogging. I know that there are an unimaginable number of stamping and paper crafting blogs out there on the net (and believe me, I know, because I visit MANY of them LOL!) but I hope and think that there might be a little bit more room for mine.

Now I'll start off by saying that I know that there will be no earth-shattering stamping discoveries posted here or tutorials for that matter, so for the few of you that might stumble across my blog, I hope that you aren't checking in for that. In fact, I think that ultimately this blog will be for mostly for me... a creative (at least I hope!) diary of my papercrafting adventures and musings in general. My plan is a little selfish actually... I am really hoping that becuase I know that I want to keep this blog will encourage me (or guilt me, maybe! LOL) to always make time for this interest and part of my life. It is so easy to get caught up in the days/weeks/months that before we know it, the time just flies by. In the past I have got caught in a rut where months go by without completing a scrapbook page or making a card. I hope to be better going forward about maintaining a better balance in my life of all the things that are important to me, and not just the necessities to keep moving ahead. Plus there are so many new things that I have discovered in papercrafting and more importantly been BUYING, that I have to make sure that I actually enjoy and USE all of the stuff!!

So if there is anyone out there actually reading this, thanks for joining me! :) I hope that you will find my cards and projects interesting to view and maybe at some point even inspire you, even if it just a little bit. ~M

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