Friday, March 16, 2007

Putting It Out there - FRONT and CENTER

So why have I posted a pic of this un-altered Bare Elements chipboard purse? Well, to get myself to finally alter it!! I have had this purse for about a month now it seems, after buying it from eP. I was so excited to get it (as it is called the MARIA purse!) and finally alter something more than just a coaster or a lunch tin. But now I can't seem to do it. I guess I'm a little nervous about ruining it or just not knowing what to do. But then again, it's so not like it was $1000 or something, for goodness sake!!

I have all these ideas in my head, but just can't take that first step. Very silly, I know!! Kinda embarassing... soooo that's why I posted it... to remind me that I have to get over it and alter it.
Maybe when I get in my next order which has a ton of PP in it. My big package should be here tomorrow (gulp!) What is wrong with me??

Oh and by the way, my guys have the day off from school today. My oldest guy is so excited - he happily went right back to sleep after he found out. But is it snowing outside? - a big fat NOPE! Just sleeting. I guess they decided to call the day in anticipation of the BIG snow that is supposed to be coming at any minute - LOL. It was supposed to start at 6am as per but now it says that it is supposed to start at 8am (those weatherguys!!). So we'll see...

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