Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'm still here!

So I know that it has been few days since I last stamped and even a little longer since I got a chance to blog about it. For me, blogging is kinda like exercise... I don't want to miss even a day in the routine that I have laid out for myself (or in my case, the 2x a week), because 1 day missed turns in a month missed before you know it. For me personally, once I miss a day, it gets that much harder to get back into and stick to the weekly routine. Does that make sense?

But I have to say, keeping this blog has so far really kept my papercrafting hobby from drifting too far in the back of my mind since I have been back to work and now have less free time. I find myself thinking about my little blog often as well as when and what I am going to write about when I am commuting back and forth on the train - which is partially why I started the blog... so at least I am accomplishing some of my goals! :) Wow, I can't imagine the pressure that some of the more well-read bloggers probably feel in keeping up their daily blogs with daily card postings too! yikes.

Anyway, this week has just flown on by (I find myself repeating that statement often!) I had given myself a goal to stamp at least 1x, although preferably 2x during the week after work and then at least 1x over the weekend. But there was a great reason that I don't have any cards or scrapbook pages made- the kids were off from school this week... Spring Break, and we let them stay up a bit later each night. Bedtime for the kids is between 8 and 8:15 on the school nights. So it was wonderful to get that extra time with them each evening when I got home. We had dinner together every night and just all played together as well. My boys are too cute - they would "hide" on me in all different places around the house when they heard the garage door opening and jump out to surprise me when I walked in. It was too funny when my littlest guy, who is only 20 months, would start laughing and talking, and often times just come running out of the hiding spot once he saw me - he obviously doesn't get the hiding and being quiet part just yet! :) Then the other two would come running out right after him.

So we only were in the basement for a very short time 1 day this week (its been a cold week - what is up with my "spring weather??"), which is where I stamp, so I started a couple of cards by watercoloring. I am loving those aquapainters by the way - and this time I am trying it with my re-inkers! I hope to finish them up today and get them posted. Which reminds me, just for fun, I took pictures of my stamping space. I will have to remember to blog about that in the future... I'll have to do it on a day when I haven't had any cards to post in a few days! LOL!

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