Sunday, July 29, 2007

For you, Denise!!

With my head totally down, and cheeks very red - I am back for a post. Yes, Denise, I know it has been quite a long time. But I swear, I don't know where the time has flown. Somehow the month of July has flown by - can you believe that it will be August next week?!?! Holy moly... It's all the same reasons though (so at least I am consistent, right?! LOL)... during the week, work takes up most of my hours and then family takes up the rest of the time and the weekends. Lately I have routinely just taken to skipping the train in the evening during the week to just take a car back to my car at the station... I'm not complaining though, as I really love my job - I'm just stating the facts.

And yes, MB, I know that I still have the July challenge outstanding. I am trying my best to get it to you in the next couple of days.

But on a stamping note, I have to say that I am very touched/floored that Denise would actually name me for a Rockin' Girl Blogger (even though it was also to guilt me into posting LOL) - I would really be more of a wannabe, me thinks. But thanks for the nice thought. I think that I have done a much better job in inspiring you to keep up your blog, than me! :) Your blog is awesome, and after this, I am going to have to just catch up on all of the posts I have missed this month. (Yes I go days without logging into the computer when I get home is the late evenings.)

So what have I stamped lately... mostly cards for the kiddos' birthday parties. My kids have a total of 4 this weekend alone!!

But here is the card that I meant to post a month ago. My stamping friend, Mackbrad, who also has a crazy busy worklife, and I are trying to do a monthly challenge in order to keep the stamping mojo somewhat going. We are trying to keep it very real and do it monthly - I know at least for me, I OBVIOUSLY could never keep up any kind of a challenge that required a project that had to be completed any sooner!!!

Here is the card that I made with her supplies.

She sent me the PP, the stamped image and the very fun button. Her card is here. I love how hers turned out -it is so soft and elegant and the word PP that she used was perfect.
I used a couple of extra embellies and also stamped on the pp with my new PaperTrey stamps. I was really happy with the way it turned out.
So here my post for the weekend. And here is a wish that I have a moment to check in again during the week...fingers crossed.


mackbrad said...

You posted - hip hip horray!!!! Busy, busy, busy - does it ever end? Great card - so glad that it is in my posession!

denise/geekgirl415 said...

Yaaay!! glad to see you again!! hee hee! and love your kitty card too!