Monday, January 14, 2008

Such an exciting time and a Question too!

I was going to post pics of cards that I worked on over the weekend and even try to work on another or maybe even *gasp* a scrapbook page since I got home early from work. But right after I walked in the door from work, I got a call from my brother, who told me that my SIL was in labor! SOOOOO exciting!!! She is 38 weeks along so we knew it was any day. This is their second baby. I'm waiting for a call to let me know that they are checked in, get the room details and I am off to the hospital to wait with everyone else.

I'm doubly excited that tonight is the night, b/c I am off on a business trip for the next couple of days to CA. I'll be between LA and Santa Monica and leaving the office for a late afternoon flight tomorrow and won't be back until Thursday around dinner time. I was really afraid that she would go into labor while I was gone (doesn't life usually work that way?!) So I'll get to be here for the birth of my newest niece or nephew. I can't believe that they held out and are letting it be a surprise AGAIN, btw! I left the first be a surprise to be traditional, but there was no way I wasn't finding out with the other 2!!!

Anyway, so my question is if anyone knows of any fun papercrafting stores in Santa Monica? I will have the evening to myself tomorrow, and I would love to add a stamping store to my list of stores to hit, as I know that Santa Monica has some amazing shopping. I usually never get a chance to actually see any of the places I travel too, other than the inside of conference rooms or offices, so this is a nice treat. :) As of now, I don't have a dinner planned yet or a meeting after 4pm, and I don't fly out until Thursday morning (that is unless I get enough energy to get myself on a red eye back so that I don't lose the whole day Thursday travelling...we'll see)

Denise - I know that this is not your area of the state, but I thought that maybe you might know of any fun stores. If you do, would you mind just posting to this entry? I'll have a chance to check this, but won't be able to log into my gmail before I leave. Maybe I'll even post the question on SCS tonight if I remember after the baby is born.

And speaking of the baby, I better go!!!! Wish her luck!!!

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