Saturday, February 16, 2008

Make A Wish!

I made this card using Beate's weekend sketch for my co-worker's birthday. It is the first time that I have made a card for anyone at work. Up to this point, I have kept work very separate from my hobby... the two worlds are very different from each other, LOL. But, I have become friends with this co-worker over time - she is a mom too, so we have that in common (even though her daughter is way younger than my kids - less than a year old). She knows that I scrapbook and I showed her TY cards that I made recently before I mailed them off. But other than her and our assistant actually, there are no other women who are moms in my direct group. I don't work with too many women really. My other work friend in my group is about my age, but is single and lives in NYC, so you can imagine, our lives are TOTALLY different when we leave work at night, ;) starting with a waaayyyy shorter commute. Ahhhh to be single and carefree in the city again... but of course I would never trade my life now for that again really, I was just saying - LOL.
Anyway, I picked this Stampendous image (sorry the card is soooo bright - I am having a really hard time with my camera lately, and I can't figure out why!) for my friend, because somehow we are always the ones who decide to get some kind of dessert to celebrate birthdays of the other members of our team. I think it is the mom-instinct in us... or maybe because we look for any excuse to run out and get an afternoon snack, expecially when it is from Crumbs - their cupcakes are sooooo yummy!)
Again I used a LAD sentiment - from the same set I seem to be using over and over again. I just love the laid back font... very me in a stamping kind of way, I guess. I better find another sentiment set to use soon! Or get another set from LAD soon... :) The PP is from an SU DP from last spring... another scrap used up! :)


beate said...

I love it! I love the sentiment, the colors...everything!
I am sure your co-worker will love it!

Hugs and smiles

GiftsByHeidi said...

What a really cute card! I love it.