Sunday, March 18, 2007

Butterflies of Anticipation

No stamping today for me, because I have been getting ready for my first day of work, both mentally and physically.

I unexpectedly took a longer maternity leave than originally after the birth of my 3rd kiddo, but it is time to get back in that saddle. I am really excited, but just have to get by the butterflies of anticipation. I know that once I get my groove going everything will be great. I have a rockin' career and am anxious to get it going again.

I have been busy for the last few weeks since I was able to nail down my start date. It is going to be a big shift in our family routine, but we are ready for it. It means everything that everyone in the family is behind me all the way. My guys have been making me lots of signs and congratulatory notes. SOOOO sweet. I love them so much.

On another note, I have promised myself to be better about a few things this time around. I have always been a career working mother, but after being a SAHM for the past short while, I have gotten a change in perspective, which I want to use to my benefit. I am going to make sure that I maintain better balance in my life. In the past I have only been about career and family and not too much else. All hobbies that I ever tried to pursue kinda fell by the way side, sooner or later. Even my stamping and scrapping came to a screeching halt just 6-9 months after I started back in 5/04. And then I didn't pick it up until a year ago!! I know that I want to keep up my hobby so that I can continue to get better and more importantly, continue to enjoy it! :)

So wish me luck. Here...I...go!

ETA: Here I went! I must have pressed save to draft instead of publish - oops.


geekgirl415 said...

Good luck- balance is so hard to accomplish- things always get set aside for "later"... schedule some scrap/stamp time once a week if you can (or more!!!) on your calendar and charge a cancellation fee if you don't give yourself 24 hrs notice! LOL! Have a great time at work- d:)

Anonymous said...

Do you want me to keep harassing you about stamping? I can check in once a week if you would like!?! I hope you new job is going well!