Sunday, March 25, 2007

Starting a New Week, and I Hope To...

Stamp a card! I can't believe that Sunday night is here already and I am getting ready to go to bed to start a new work week. The week has flown by. It was a great first week at work - I just jumped right in and had a big deal to work on from the word "go" - and that was before I even had my computer and phone set up. So it was a very hectic week, with not too much time to myself (since I never made it home before 8pm), before just going to bed and getting up for another day. And the weekend definitely followed suit. We were out most of both days of the weekend doing family stuff and before I knew it, it was bath time for the kiddos, reading stories, and time for bed.

But at the very least, I did scrap 2 pages with my SIL, soon-to-be SIL and a few friends. We get together 1x a month and do something SU papercrafting related (my SIL is a demo). Today's theme was scrapbooking. We had decided the layout ahead of time so we were all able to get a 2 page layout done in less than 2 hours (which is super speedy for me). Other than that... well I did manage to get a card started, but I didn't finish it yet. I'll have to wrap that one up - hopefully this week.

Maybe things fall into place this week and I find myself a routine.

But again, NO complaints whatsoever about the first week back. I got quite a bit accomplished as far as first weeks back at work go (defintiely a little pat on my pat!) And one of the late nights was to have a few drinks with my new co-workers to celebrate someone getting engaged. :P

But I am going to work to get some stamping back in. So hopefully the next time I post, it will be with a new card! And YES, J - please stay on my case about stamping and creating. And those new images will DEFINITELY be making their way to you sometime soon! Have a great Monday!

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