Thursday, February 7, 2008

Look what I made!

***Edited to add: I actually wrote this up this morning before I left for work. But I couldn't get the pics all edited and finished in time (I am so painfully slow when it comes to editing pics - it really slows up the creative process, kwim?!). But I didn't feel like changing the narrative I already wrote, hence this prologue!! ;) ***
I saw this tote on Denise's blog and wanted to try it out. So I decided to make one and matching cards for our cousin's daughter who is going to be baptized this weekend. My hubby is the godfather, which makes the occasion that much more special. I basically followed Leslie Miller's rockin' tutorial step by step to make the tote and then set out to make the TY cards. Out of 1 sheet of PP, I was able to make the tote and 7 cards - very good use of my PP, I must say! :) I rounded out the 10 I needed with other TYs but still stuck with the floral theme. Definitely a fun project and definitely one I will do again. I think this tote and cards make for a nice add-on to any gift... gives any gift bundle that handmade, personal touch. I think that it will go nice with the necklace that really is our "real" gift to her.

I'm very excited, as today is my Friday... we have a long weekend planned as the Baptism is out of town - we are headed for the sunny and much warmer skies of Florida. It'll be so nice to get away, even if it is just for a few days, kwim? We haven't been away since last fall. The kiddos are sooooo excited! And as for me, I could barely get up this morning and am just shooting for the next later train than the one I usually take in the morning - hence the time to blog now. I probably could've make if I rushed, but why would I do that on a "Friday"? ;)

Have a great weekend!! See you next time.


Jennifer Bradley said...

OOOOh - this is a great tote - now I have to try one! Have a great trip!

denise said...

Great Job- love the paper you chose and all the TY's that match!!