Friday, June 20, 2008

Back on the Sketch Wagon too...

Instead of hurrying to make the cards I needed this weekend, I took advantage of a free Friday night to relax and make them while we all watched the Yankees game. They lost, breaking a 6 game winning streak. :( We are diehard Yankee fans in this house... even our littlest guy at 3 knows who they are and when we are watching a baseball game. My hubby and our oldest got invited by friends to watch a game a few weekends back and had amazing seats. They made it on TV!! We also got a chance to watch a game down in Baltimore vs. the Orioles when we were down there for Memorial Day weekend. It was a breeze and so much cheaper to get tix there... and those seats were awesome too... right down at field level. We might have to make it an annual things going froward.
Wow, so that was a huge tangent I followed... back to the cards.

We are celebrating my niece's birthday belatedly (but only by a few days). Having 3 boys usually means that when I am making kid cards, it is usually boy cards. But I have 2 nieces and I love it when I make cards for them. Lets me dig into my pink hued CS finally! So I used one of Beate's sketches to make this card. I was able to incorporate a few different tools and elements in this card. Pulled out my CB for the first time in a while, used my scallop punch as well as this stamp set for the first time.

I really liked the polka dots on this card... makes it feel soooo girly. I am going to have to remember to reach for my PTI polka dots more frequently.

The other one I made tonight was for a birthday party that my middle guy has this weekend.

I dusted off this stamp (I still so love this guy - he is tooooo sweet) and used Amy's sketch to make my card. I used some BG scraps for the card and let that guide the copics, ribbon, and brads I used. I am trying to use up my scraps, unless I know that I am going to use a whole 12x12 sheet. I promised myself that I would make a dent in the scraps pile as well as in the big (at least in my opinion!) PP collection that I have amassed before buying more stuff. Of course that just means that I will be buying more copics in the meantime! LOL. I also have to find a black ink that hopefully does not smear so much with the copics. I have been noticing the that Palette Hybrid Noir is running a bit. Maybe it has to be heat set? Who knows... I probably should just do a search on SCS... I'm sure there are threads about it {puts it on list of things to do}.

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