Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ready (and AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!), Get Set, Go!

Hello, hello.

For once I am on time... actually better than on time - I am ahead of schedule AND did everything that I wanted to do for the kids' Valentine's school parties. :) Wahoo.

Last night I finished making all of the kids' Valentines for their classmates and teachers. For my oldest guy who is 3rd grade, I made sour cream containers (the blue ones in the pic) and put Hershey Kisses in each one. He wanted a sports theme, with no hearts or the word, Valentine. So funny, but I was happy to oblige (no need for mushiness at his age yet - I'm not mentally ready for that next stage.

My middle guy opted for the pre-made (the horror! - just kidding) so I just made teacher Valentines for him (the red sour cream holders).

And my littlest guy was giving out fruit snacks, so I sorta concocted a folded card of sorts to hold his treats. I went with a robot/alien/out of this world theme. I was pretty pleased that I came up with the combination all of my own! My little scene combined 2 different stamps sets, but I think it went together well.

The valentines all got the stamp of approval and were a hit and all the boys are excited to give their Valentines out in the morning. Final count made... 24 for the oldest, 37 for my middle guy (he actually has 2 classes that were doing Valentines) and 27 for the littlest. Whew - lots of love to go around!

And tonight I made mini heart shaped brownies for my oldest son's after school counselors. I work our of the house full-time and all the of boys stay the full day of school. We take advantage of all that our school programs. ;) I wanted to make sure that I sent something in to let them know that we really appreciate all that they do for us.
So while it has been a late night for the last two days, I am ready for tomorrow. It's been fun and I really have had a such a blast creating.
I'm offically ready for tomorrow (well, actually later this morning!). The only bummer is that I can only go to one my kids' class parties since they are all basically at the same time tomorrow morning - being in more than 1 place at a time is still on my list of things to accomplish - LOL. But not today. Oh well.

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Jennifer Bradley said...

Everything turned out so cute!!! I wish we lived near each other b/c I think we would have a blast creating projects together :)